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Code : The Models
Description : This story is about the beautiful models in backstage. How they act and behave in front of the audience and how they try to cheat or outwit their friends and other models behind the scene.
Actors : 李欣汝 Shera Li, 高以翔 Godfrey Tsao,李學慶 Jed Lee,馮婧 Seven,許紹雄 Shiu Hung Hui
Total Episodes : 38集
Code : Amy Keep Going
Description : A story about Friend , Love and Career. Amy is a cute and lovely girl. One day, she had a interview with her best friend – Chen Yan, Chen performed better than Amy while the interview, but Amy got a career eventually, Chen feel unhappy. When Amy is a rookie,she got her colleague - Zhang He Ping and Chen’s childhood – Zhao Lai helped her to solve problem and let Amy showed a good performance in her career. At the meantime, Chen was in plight of her career and confused, this made Chen be jealousy and she made the relationship between Amy and Zhao became worst. Zhen do not want Amy fall into the love problem between he and Zhao, then Zhen left his home town and don’t let Amy find out him. Amy know who is she love and found Zhen eventually, they got married and happy life.
Actors : 孫耀琦 李佳航 朱泳騰 白卉子 倪虹潔 班傑明 臧洪娜
Total Episodes : 30集

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