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Code : Brown Sugar Macchiato
Description : Six young guys who come from different family with different personalities are told they have a rich dad one day. What surprise them most is they can inherit 10 billion wealth, but only in one condition: They have to live together in the same house, study in the same school and love each other like real brotherhoods. There are lots of contradictions exist between this six farouche youths, and they have to face the challenge from nine of their female classmates. Is it possible for this six young guys becomes collaboration like brothers and obtain the inherit right for the wealth? Or will they being involve in the relationship with these nine female classmates, and aggravate their relationship a bit further?
Actors : Lollipop, Blackie
Total Episodes : 20
Code : Pretty Ugly
Description : “Pretty Ugly” is a Taiwan idol show, which adapted from the Internet Web author, Lowes novel "Originally, I do not handsome". Story protagonist Zhang originally is not handsome, but just had a "handsome young man" nickname for him? As an ordinary young man in the small village, only 3 ways to check out girls: kidding, being stupid, crazy and mad.However, Zhang fell in love with the beauty in school, Cindy. He was love at first sight, since then fell in love with her. But Zhang was heated by Cindy in their first met, and in the second time, Zhang got the "limited edition of Ugly guy certificate", but Zhang obstinately clings to his spirit of "four lines warehouse", with the nasty idea from his two best friends, Zhang almost hold Cindy’s hand…At that moment, Cindy has agreed to go out with the basketball clubs hunk of a small enterprise in the romantic solicitation....
Actors : Lin Junjie,Ceng KaiZeng,Zhang Junjie,Lu Jia-xin
Total Episodes : 20
Code : Summer Scent
Description : The story happens by the seaside in Taiwan. A group of teenagers begin their love story on the beach. The story depicts how they handle their relationship and the upcoming incidence. The feelings of youth and the happiness have spread through out the story. It is an energetic and enthusiastic idol drama.

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Actors : Roy Chiu, Peter Ho, Rainie Yang
Total Episodes : 20
Code : Starry Starry Night
Description : A Taiwan idol drama produced in 2002, telecasted in prime time in Chinese Television System (CTS Channel). Love story always has sad ending…… Peter and Yee Rung are lovers by fate. Peter saved Yee Rung when she lost her mother right after she was born. 22 years later, they met again and fall in love naturally. Unluckily, Peter was born to have cancer. He decides to leave Yee Rung reluctantly in order not to bring the heaviest hurt to her heart. His act not only hurts Yee Rung, but also brings strong effect to Tse (Yee Rung’s fellow brother) who loves Yee Rung whole-heartedly.
Actors : Peter Ho, Tammy Chan, Roy Chiu
Total Episodes : 20
Code : White Romance
Description : Mok and Tong, the elite of medical institution, have great affection for a girl,Ning.Just before the wedding of Tong and Ning,she′s foundto have an uncommon brain disease. Mok suggests rranging an operation for Ning and letting her go into a coma until there′s a cure. Though the others reject his idea,Ning agrees with it and has the operation. Mok gets expelled from the institution for the unauthorised act and then leaves for his study.Seven years later,Mok and Tong meet again,but their different opioion and treatment towards an operation bring them another conflict. Ning wakes up after all,but then she forgets all about Tong .....
Actors : Dylan Guo, Micheal Chang, An Yixuan, Lai Yayian
Total Episodes : 20
Code : Ping Pong
Description : This is an encouraging story which depicts a group of university students who are enthusiastic about Ping Pong and how they tackle the problems on the road of championship. Hate, love and friendship are developed among these young fellows. One day, their world is changed after the death of one of the members.
Actors : Peter Ho Tammy Chan Roy Chiu Peter Peng Eman Wang
Total Episodes : 21
Code : Wind Warriors
Description : Romance comedy. By learning Tae Kwon Do, a group of young teenagers come to understand more about themselves and fight for their dreams.
Actors : Roy Chiu Peter Ho Josephine Hui Marc Chan Rena Fung
Total Episodes : 20

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