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Code : What’s Up (HD Production)
Description : "What′s Up" is adapted from the best-selling novel in Korea. It depicts a group of musical students who want to achieve the goal to be the best musical actorsand actresses. These musical students have different backgrounds. Their teacher dotes on one of the talented student a lot which causes conflicts between them…
Actors : Lim Joohwan, Big Bang Tae Sung, Lim Jueun, Jang Hiejin
Total Episodes : 20 x 50´
Code : Daddy’s Daughter (HD Production)
Description : This story depicts a girl who lives bravely after the death of her father. She realizes the sacrificing and the efforts her father had done for her. The girl understands the meaning of love of a family.----70minutes
Actors : Moon Chaowon, Choe Jinhyeong, Jeon Taesu, Lee Donghae (Super Junior), 薑敏赫@ CNBlue, Kang Minhyuk (CNBlue)
Total Episodes : 17

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