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Code : The Legend of White Snake
Description : Pharmacist Xu Xuan traveled around to save the patients with Leng Ning. He met Bai YaoYao in the Peach Blossom Festival and fall in love with her, and married with her. But one day, Bai YaoYao broke the law of God as she stole the elixir to save Xu Xuan’s lift. Xu Xuan, after recover from the illness, remembered all the memories of his bygone past, and decided to save Bai YaoYao from the God. Leng Ning, who had crush on Xu Xuan, was jealous of Bai YaoYao, she released the dragon to destroy the world. Xu Xuan was broken-hearted when he aware that Bai YaoYao was pressed under the Thunder Tower by Qi Xiao as her self-salvation. He decided to give up everything and remote from life.
Actors : 楊紫 Yang Zi, 任嘉倫Ren Jia Lun, 茅子俊 Mao Zijun, 李曼 Li Man
Total Episodes : 62 x 45’
Code : 天下長安The Legend of Chang An
Description : Tang Dynasty, one of the most prosperous dynasties of China. Li Shimin was the most outstanding founding person during the Tang Dynasty. But his father, Li Yuan, never treated him as the crown prince, deteriorated the relationship between him and the crown prince, Li Jiancheng. As last, Li Shimin staged a coup, assassinated Li Jiancheng, and forced Li Yuan passed the throne to Li Shimin. This coup is known as Xuanwu Gate Incident. Wei Zheng, one of the most well-known intellectual at that time, knowing how the people are surviving during the war, wanted to assist a brilliant king to end this chaos. Although he had worked for three different masters who died in ChangAn, Li Shimin still put him in an important position, and worked together to achieve their goal of unify the whole country and provide a better life for people.
Actors : 張涵予 Zhang Han Yu, 秦俊傑 Qin Jun Jie, 舒暢 Jennifer Shu, 李雪健 Li XueJian
Total Episodes : 70 x 45’
Code : 羋月傳 (Legend of Mi Yue)
Description : The legend of the Empress in Qin Dynasty. Mi Yue was a princess with the low status in Chu, after some years, she became the harsh empress, who had the power of Qin for a total of 41 years long. She also changed Qin to be the strongest among the six countries; she is the key to the success of Qin and late united the other countries. Directed by Zheng Xiao Long (Empress in the Palace), Betty Sun is going to act as another influencing lady in the Chinese history.
Actors : 孫儷Betty Sun 方中信 Alex Fong 劉濤 Tamia Liu 高雲翔 Gavin Gao 馬蘇 Ma Su
Total Episodes : 81
Code : 長大 GROW UP
Description : YinHau is one of the largest hospitals in the City, the great doctor Zhou Ming is the mentor of interns, he is famous of assigning "inhuman" tests and trainings to them. During the internship, everywhere is full of competition which challenges their physical, mental and willpower, but also a test of their friendship, love, and ideal for a career in medicine dedication.…..
Actors : 陸毅 LuYi白百何 Bai BaiHe
Total Episodes : 38
Code : 大宋傳奇之趙匡胤 The Great Emperor in Song Dynasty
Description : By the end of Tang Dynasty, ancient China was experiencing a period of disorder. There were wars in different provinces and people were desperate when seeing no hopes in their country. Zhao – at the age of 21, decided to leave his family and look for opportunities. There is a saying in Chinese “Time Makes Hero”. Zhao eventually became captain of the ‘Forbidden Army” and took control of it. One day, he called a revolt and proclaimed himself King! Thereafter, Zhao suppressed the disorders in different states and reunite the country again. Under Zhao’s reign, the country had enjoyed flourishing age, which was known as the Song Dynasty in Chinese History.
Actors : 陳建斌 Chen JianBin, 殷桃 Yan Tao, 邵峰 Shao Feng, 王繪春 Wang HuiChun
Total Episodes : 48
Code : Red Sorghum
Description : "Red Sorghum", to be directed by Zheng Xiaolong of "Empresses in the Palace" fame, is an adaptation of the popular novel of the same name, written by Nobel Prize winner, Mo Yan. It tells the story of a young woman from a rural village who gets married in an arranged marriage. She later becomes the leader of the family winery and has a complicated relationship with the man who saved her life... <br>Trailer: <a href=´´ target=´_blank´>Youtube</a>
Actors : 周迅 Zhou Xun 朱亞文 Zhu Ya Wen 秦海璐 Qin Hai Lu 劉威 Liu Wei 黃軒 Huang Xuan 倪大紅 Ni Dahong 宋佳倫 Song Jialun 王瀾 Wang Lan
Total Episodes : 60 x 45mins (暫定Tentatively)
Code : 絕愛之城 (又名: 華胥引Hua Xu Yin)
Description : By the time when the State of Wei was conquered by State of Chen, princess Ye lays down her life for her country. Yet, she was saved by a mysterious man. Since then, she was linked to the tune of “Hua Xu” which has special power in creating dreams and prolongs the player’s life… Decided to hide her true identity, Ye made use of this melody hoping to take revenge but at the same time, she also re-written peoples’ life and fate with this melody, until one day, she met Mu Yan – her destined lover but also son of her enemy… <br>Trailer: <a href=´´ target=´_blank´>Youtube</a>
Actors : 鄭嘉穎 Kevin Cheng (HK), 林園 Lin Yuan, 袁弘 Yuan Hong, 蔣欣 Jiang Xin, 謝君豪Tse KwanHo (HK
Total Episodes : 52x 45mins
Code : 陸小鳳與花滿樓 <Detectives and Doctors>
Description : The eponymous hero Lu Xiaofeng is asked to investigate a peculiar sickness that has struck the emperor. During his journey, he meets renowned doctor Hua Manlou, who becomes a close friend, and Princess Shangguan Danfeng, with whom he becomes romantically involved. With him on his travels is Ah Xin.
Trailer: Youtube
Actors : 林峯 Raymond Lam (HK)、張曉龍 Zhang Xiaolong、張檬 Lemon Zhang、斕曦 Lan Xi
Total Episodes : 43 x 45mins
Code : 大清鹽商
Description : This title is about a Salt Merchant´s life in the Qing Dynasty. As salt is considered as a necessity by that time, a salt merchant can be a wealthy class in the society. This drama presents the prosperous and decline of the family and also the industry.
Trailer: Youtube
Actors : 張嘉譯、俞飛鴻、閆妮 、莫小棋、倪大紅
Total Episodes : 37 x 45mins
Code : 少年四大名捕 The Four
Description : Cold Blood, Chaser, Heartless and Iron Fist were four young constables and under the lead of their mentor ZhuGe, they guard the capital and fight for righteousness. An ShiGeng – brother of the King with high rank in the imperial government, was trying to increase his power. He set up traps to eliminate anyone who’s against him but with the four smart and courageous constables, these cases were solved one by one. However, this makes The Four top enemy of ShiGeng. To get rid of The Four, ShiGeng used their team member – YaoHua, a female constable to fight against them. Yao Hua once loved Cold Blood yet because of ZhuGe’s adopted daughter – LiMo, she couldn’t get Cold Blood’s love and turned her back on them… Will ShiGeng’s successfully eliminate The Four? Facing the shrewd ShiGeng, can The Four have YaoHua back to their team and bring down ShiGeng? The Four is now facing a real challenge they never imagined…
Trailer: Youtube
Actors : 張翰 Zhang Han, 何晟銘He ChengMing, 茅子俊Mao ZhiJun, 陳偉霆William Chan (HK) , 張鈞甯 Janine Zhang(TW)
Total Episodes : 44 x 45mins
Code : Home Sweet Home
Description : This story is about Dina and Yu ChunXiao grown up together, work in the same company after graduation, and get married at the same time. Yu ChunXiao married Peng Kai Xuan who is a Property agent. As requested by Peng, Yu resigned her job and becomes a housewife. On the other hand, in spite of her husband’s opposition, Dina resigned her job to become a painter. How can the two ladies balance their career and family life? How can Dina overcome her obstacles and bring a baby to the family?
Trailer: Youtube
Actors : 吳樾 韓彩英(韓國)
Total Episodes : 32 x 45mins
Code : Ip Man
Description : During in 1930’s Sino-Japanese War, a hub of Southern Chinese martial arts, where various schools actively recruit disciples and compete against each other. Although the Wing Chun master-Ip Man is the most skilled martial artist in Foshan, he is unassuming and keeps a low profile. As an independently wealthy man, he feels no need to accept any disciples and instead spends his days training, meeting with friends, and spending time with his family. However, his wife is often resentful of the time he spends training and discussing martial arts with friends and colleagues. Though not a professional martial artist, Ip is respected in Foshan due to the abilities he displays in friendly, closed-door competitions with local masters. Ip′s reputation is further enhanced when he defeats an aggressive, rude, highly skilled Northern Chinese martial arts master, thus upholding the regional pride of fellow Southern stylists and others in Foshan. This drama about Ip Man protected the dignity of Chinese by using his martial art against the Japanese. He experience the hardship of the wartorn China
Trailer: Youtube
Actors : 鄭嘉穎Kevin Cheng , 韓雪Cecilia Han, 劉小峰Liu Xiaofeng, 宋洋Song Yang, 周秀娜Chrissie Chau, 元華Yuen Wa, 梁小龍Liang Xiao Long, 于榮光Yu Rong Guang
Total Episodes : 50 x 45mins
Code : Legend of ZhenHuan ( HD Production)
Description : This drama reveals the life of a woman being a member of the royal family. Zhen experiences mind-fighting, best friend becomes deceiver and other unexpected incidents. Her life changes ever since she steps in the palace.
Actors : 陳建斌 Chen Jianbin, 孫儷Sun Li, 蔡少芬Ada Choi
Total Episodes : 76 x 45mins
Code : The Models
Description : This story is about the beautiful models in backstage. How they act and behave in front of the audience and how they try to cheat or outwit their friends and other models behind the scene.
Actors : 李欣汝 Shera Li, 高以翔 Godfrey Tsao,李學慶 Jed Lee,馮婧 Seven,許紹雄 Shiu Hung Hui
Total Episodes : 38 x 45mins
Code : Legend of Yuan Empire Founder
Description : The Yuan Empire Founder, Hubilie was born in the Mogolian grassland where is full of crisis. Tuoliege, a good machiavellian, who set the traps to harm Hubilie’s father. This make Hubilie realized the damage of the political struggle; meanwhile he met his good wife, Bicha. After the dead of Empire Wokuaitai, Hubilie worked hard and recruited the genius and talents, he also used to Han’s laws to rule the Chinese. Besides, he lead the army to fight the Sourthern China, encountered different difficulties which included defeat his brother and Sunng Dynasty, to establish the Yuan Dynasty. In his legendary life, how could he survive from the complexed political struggle? How could he enhance his power and united China? How could he linkage the Mongolian and Chinese Culture?
Actors : 胡軍Hu Jun, 佘詩曼Charmaine Sheh, 唐國強Tang Guoqiang, 吳樾Wu Yue, 呂良偉Ray Lui, 馬浚偉Steven Ma
Total Episodes : 50 x 45mins
Code : Heros in Sui & Tang Dynasties
Description : Qin Qiong,the son of the famous general in Ancient state of Chi. He promoted to be a junior cadre since his well martial art. He rescued Lee’s family who attacked by Prince, Yang Guan, and then they have no choice but to stay and work at Lu Zhou. Qin’ s best friend in childhood, Cheng Yao Jun stole Yang Lin’s sixteen thousand of gold and Cheng was caught when Qin’s mother birthday. Gu Liu Dian and his teammate rescued Cheng, afterward Cheng be a master of Wa Gung Zhai group coincidentally. Wa Gung Zhai group planned to kill the King of Sui and Li Shi Min but fail, Li was caught by Cheng later and want to kill him but Cheng was dissuaded by Qin. Afterward, Qin and others help Li to be a King of Tang.
Actors : 嚴寬Yan Kuan / 張翰Zhang Han / 姜武Jiang Wu / 杜淳Du Chun / 白冰Bai Bing / 胡東Dong Hu
Total Episodes : 62 x 45mins
Code : Journey to the West (HD Production)
Description : A brand new version by Zhang Jizhong, special effects are done by Weta Workshop which participates in “Lord of the Rings”. "Journey to the West", is the world known Chinese novel that has been adapted into films and drama series by various countries. It is believed that this high cost production, especially the special effects, will bring a new face to the audience.
Actors : Nie Yuan, Wu Yue, Zang Jinsheng, Elvis Tsui
Total Episodes : 60 x 45mins

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