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Code : Her Story
Description : Four young people from different origins, with their own distinct personality and sensation, had connected with each other by luck and fate during the early years of the Republic China when a stirring and engrossing story is about to begin…
Actors : Dong Jie, Li Zhonghan, Eric Huang
Total Episodes : 44
Code : Chinese Hero
Description : Hero is brought up with national cuts. He opposes the western people who are cruel to Chinese. Hero wins one of them by Kung Fu but he never thought that all of this has lef to the death of his parents. He killed the murderer and escape to overseas. However, this is just the beginning of his life… (English Subtitle Available)
Actors : Peter Ho
Total Episodes : 40
Code : Infernal Angel
Description : Continue from the story of Stolen Heart 1, Ngan falls in love with a middle-aged man who gives her similar feeling as Tong. The knotty relationships will definitely lead you in and strike your mind.
Actors : Alex Fong Dong Jie Eric Suen
Total Episodes : 32
Code : Wind and Cloud II
Description : The drama is re-written from a popular comic, Wind and Cloud. The author is Wing Shing Ma, a renowned comics author in Hong Kong. In order to enhance and increase the attraction of the drama, there are lots of fighting scenes; stunts and animation are created. Wave kills many people and pays everything to make him become the Kung Fu master. Wind and Cloud fight against Wave to stop him collecting the most powerful Seven Weapons. After all, Wave and Cloud are dead, Wind is disappeared …… (100 min condensed version available)
Actors : Zhao Wen-zhuo, Peter Ho, Huang Yi, Qin Lan, Chen Yi-rong
Total Episodes : 42
Code : Flying Dagger
Description : Lee has trained himself with flying sword. He becomes the suspect of a robbery and being arrested by Moon. The two falls in love very soon. However, all of this is purposely set up by Moon for Lee’s father killed her father. Moon uses their relationship to realise the power of flying sword. Lee is still in a cloud until Moon fights with his father. Eventually, Lee fights with Moon so as to protect his father and the reputation of the family. They end up ……

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Actors : Chilam Cheung, Ruby Lin, Jacqueline Lu Li
Total Episodes : 40
Code : Palm of Ru Lai
Description : A well-known Chinese traditional story “Palm of Ru Lai”. “The Book of Kung Fu” stated the most powerful martial art in Ancient China a few thousands years ago. Occasionally the book reached an ordinary young fellow and starting from that day, his life is changed dramatically and brings him a lot of adventures. (100 min condensed version available)

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Actors : Chu Yan, Chilam Cheung, Chen Long, Sun Xing
Total Episodes : 42
Code : The New Judge
Description : To match the status of a rich girl he has fallen for, Zhang Fu Gui gets his father to buy him a position in the Imperial Court. But he is framed after offending a Senior Magistrate. With the help of his friends, he manages to overturn his case.

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Actors : Julian Cheung, Anita Yuen, Chen Long
Total Episodes : 43

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