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Code : Aaron Kwok De Show Reel Live
Description : Aaron Kwok has given 16 De Show Reel concerts in Hong Kong Coliseum and Asia Expo, Hong Kong between the end of 2007 and early 2008 which were all well received. Aaron Kwok expresses gratitude to his worldwide fans for their on-going support and care. He also thanks various media for their exhaustive report which brings good reputation to his concerts. In particular, the 450° revolving stage makes fans and media marvel, gaining fame in stage production history. Besides, worldwide promoters for Aaron Kwok’s concerts ask him to hold World Tour Concert overseas, including China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, America and Canada.
Actors : Aaron Kwok
Total Episodes : 0
Code : Kelly Chen Love Fighters Concert 2008
Description : Kelly Chen returned to the Hong Kong Coliseum for a new concert in June 2008, announcing her wedding later in 2008. She entertained the audiences with a grand show with different themes with fabulous costumes.
Actors : Kelly Chen
Total Episodes : 0

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