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Code : Chinese Buddism (HD Production)
Description : This documentary revitalizes the real side of what has happened during the 2,000 years of development in Chinese Buddhism, and to promote the Buddhism-backed culture with a HD production. The program is a window, so to speak, from which Chinese Buddhism displays how it has contributed to Chinese history. Additionally, an array of experts and scholars on research of Buddhism has been invited to supervise and safeguard the authenticity of the program content. The director, Mr Zhou Bing, is a director with many awards in the production in documentaries. (41 Episodes, 30 min)
Actors :
Total Episodes : 41
Code : Red Trousers
Description :   In this dazzling combination of film and documentary hosted by and string Robin Shou, star of Mortal Kombat, the death-defying feats performed by the world´s greatest stuntmen are profiled through interviews and clips that showcase their work. Intercutting with the documentary is the short film Lost Time, a futuristic martial arts fantasy adventure in the style of Alex Proya´s Dark City, where one can appreciate the stuntmen´s extraordinary achievement in their final cinematic from.
Actors :
Total Episodes : 0
Code : Everlasting Hero – Bruce Lee
Description : The everlasting action hero Bruce Lee, the founder of Jeet Kune Do has passed away more than 30 years. This documentary include the interview with Bruce’s family and students, also the valuable and exclusive footage of Bruce’s first Martial Art demonstration in LA Long beach Karate Tournament 1964 which has totally changed Bruce’s life as he was invited to the “Green Hornet” audition soon after the demonstration. Also it is with the exclusive martial art home practice footage of Bruce.
Actors :
Total Episodes : 1

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