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Code : Legend of Yuan Empire Founder
Description : The Yuan Empire Founder, Hubilie was born in the Mogolian grassland where is full of crisis. Tuoliege, a good machiavellian, who set the traps to harm Hubilie’s father. This made Hubilie realized the damage of the political struggle; meanwhile he met his good wife, Chabi.After the dead of Empire Wokuaitai, Hubilie worked hard and recruited the genius and talents, he also used Han’s laws to rule the Chinese. Besides, he lead the army to fight the Southern China, encountered different difficulties which included defeat his brother and Sung Dynasty, to establish the Yuan Dynasty.   In his legendary life, how could he survive from the complexed political struggle? How could he enhance his power and united China? How could he link the Mongolian and Chinese Culture?
Actors : 胡軍Hu Jun、唐國強Tang Guoqiang、吳樾Wu Yue、 佘詩曼Charmaine Sheh、呂良偉Ray Lui
Total Episodes : 50集
Code : Heros in Sui & Tang Dynasties
Description :  Qin Qiong,the son of the famous general in Ancient state of Chi. He promoted to be a junior cadre since his well martial art. He rescued Lee’s family who attacked by Prince, Yang Guan, and then they have no choice but to stay and work at Lu Zhou. Qin’ s best friend in childhood, Cheng Yao Jun stole Yang Lin’s sixteen thousand of gold and Cheng was caught when Qin’s mother birthday. Gu Liu Dian and his teammate rescued Cheng, afterward Cheng be a master of Wa Gung Zhai group coincidentally. Wa Gung Zhai group planned to kill the King of Sui and Li Shi Min but fail, Li was caught by Cheng later and want to kill him but Cheng was dissuaded by Qin. Afterward, Qin and others help Li to be a King of Tang.
Actors : 嚴寬Yan Kuan / 張翰Zhang Han / 姜武Jiang Wu / 杜淳Du Chun / 白冰Bai Bing / 胡東Dong Hu
Total Episodes : 62集
Code : Legend of ZhenHuan ( HD Production)
Description : This drama reveals the life of a woman being a member of the royal family. Zhen experiences mind-fighting, best friend becomes deceiver and other unexpected incidents. Her life changes ever since she steps in the palace.
Actors : 陳建斌 Chen Jianbin, 孫儷Sun Li, 蔡少芬Ada Choi
Total Episodes : 76集
Code : Journey to the West (HD Production)
Description : A brand new version by Zhang Jizhong, special effects are done by Weta Workshop which participates in “Lord of the Rings”. "Journey to the West", is the world known Chinese novel that has been adapted into films and drama series by various countries. It is believed that this high cost production, especially the special effects, will bring a new face to the audience.
Actors : Nie Yuan, Wu Yue, Zang Jinsheng, Elvis Tsui
Total Episodes : 60集
Code : Adventure in the Tang Dynasty
Description : This story is about the adventure of four university students. One day, they found a National stele in the library, while they touch the stele, they are shocked and fainted. When they awake, they discover that they are in the "Tang Dynasty". They meet different challenges and mysterious people. Can they solve all the problems and go back to the 21th Century?
Actors : 夏侯琪譽Xia Hou Qi Yu 劉南希Nancy Lau 伊東鈴奈 Yi Dong Ling Nai 崔心心Chu Xia Xia 馬天宇Ma Tianyu
Total Episodes : 40 x 45’
Code : New My Fair Princess (HD Production)
Description : Chiung Yao has re-edit her famous novel, New My Fair Princess and is going to bring new faces to audience. Through a series of misunderstandings, Xiao Yanzi is mistakenly proclaimed as "Princess Huanzhu". Both of the fifth prince and his friend, Benjamin falls in love with Xiao Yanzi.
Actors : Li Sheng, Hai Lu, Zhang Rui, Sheren Tang, Ruby Lin, Qiu Xinzhi, Liu Xuehua,
Total Episodes : 98

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