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Code : My Sassy Girl 2
Description : The film kicks off with poor sap Jianyu (Leon Jay Williams) making a suitably useless suicide attempt after being dumped by his girlfriend on the same day he planned to propose. He is saved from himself by a beautiful young woman called Shangzhen (Lynn Xiong), who ropes him into a scheme to try and ruin the relationship and wedding of her philandering ex-boyfriend Yang Guo (Bosco Wong). Jianyu agrees, and even moves in with her under the pretext of being her maid, though soon finds out that she has a sadistic, violent streak a mile wide. Also helping with the scheme is Shangzhen’s sister Yongzhen (Abby Fung), who does at least channel her aggression through working as a taekwondo teacher. Having been hurt in love before, she nevertheless finds herself falling for the rather effeminate lingerie designer Zhikai (He Jiong), who has been coming to her classes to try and make himself more of a man.
Actors : 熊黛林Lynn Dai-Lin XIONG, 立威廉Leon Jay Williams, 何炅He Jiong, 馮媛甄Abby Fung
Total Episodes : 88分鐘
Description : Do you believe in love?This film expresses the warmth of love.The three spatial-temporally intertwined scenes and three couples,A beautiful combination of electronic music and Chinese opera,A coexistence of the traditional and the avant-garde, They are all out of love. Love conquers obstacles. Love leads us to transcend all the sadness and move forward!
Actors : 柯有倫Kuo Yo Luan、房思瑜Serena Fang、王月Betty Wong、沈海蓉Shen Hairong、勾峰Feng Gou
Total Episodes : 113分鐘/mins
Code : Great Day
Description : The movie is about this elderly guy - who suspects he´s got some kinda fatal disease, and sneaks out of the Old Folks´ Home to visit his son and daughter - whom he had thought were doing damn well. Turns out they had painted a different picture to him - and he gets disappointed. But then he slowly manages to impress his granddaughter, whom runs away from him to go find him at the Old Folks´ Home.
Actors : 林德榮Jack Lim, 尹匯雰Wai Fun,  林耀明Bnico
Total Episodes : 92分鐘/mins
Code : White Valentine
Description : Teenage Jung-min begin a long-distance relationship with Hyun-jun, a military cadet, through letters. During his break, Hyun-jun suggests their first get-together, which Jung-min is more than insecure about: the fact of the matter is, she has been pretending to be a school teacher in her twenties. Jung-min decides not to show up. Years pass by and Jung-min, now twenty years old, runs a bookshop with her grandmother. By sheer chance she runs into Hyun-jun, now in his 30s and the owner of a neighborhood pet shop specializing in birds. Hyun-jun´s daily routine of releasing a dove with a love letter attached to its leg accidentally reaches Jung-min, which in turn, launches regular correspondence between the two. The two run into each other from time to time, yet they are not aware of their previous ties nor their present literary communication until one day, Jung-min discovers that Hyun-jun is the cadet from her past.
Actors : JEON Ji-hyun Park Sin-Yang
Total Episodes :
Code : Power King
Description : The Treatment is the compelling tale of a young Chinese couple who immigrate to the United States from Beijing seeking all of the benefits of the American Dream they have heard so much about.

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Actors : Louis Fan Siu Wong , Yang Li Jing, Yu Rongguang
Total Episodes : 0
Code : Rumble Ages
Description : Eason Chan Miriam Yeung Edmond Leung
Actors : Story of 3 teenagers couples who came from different class of the society. Same as the others, they have been self-willed and lost. Fai noticed that his girl friend was pregnant but didn’t take any care of her until she died accidentally, Fai was lost until she met the hooker and began to care about someone else. Wing came from a wealthy family and by chance she met Sam, who is a delivery boy and also a part-time burglar.
Total Episodes :
Code : Vampire Body Guard
Description : During the AD1900, there exists a new business in Ancient China. A Chinese exorcist is employed to take the dead body of a kid who died outside back to its Home Town. During his way back, they were attacked by a Vampire who wants to kill them all.
Actors : Cheung Chun Yi, Ng Ma, Cheung Si Wai
Total Episodes : 0
Code : Vampire Baby
Description : The Chinese voodoo priest is facing a big problem in his financial arrangement, therefore he decided to cheat people money using his voodoo but turn out draw the Vampire King to the town...
Actors : Cheung Chun Yi, Ng Ma, Cheung Si Wai
Total Episodes : 0
Code : Four chivalrous beauties – Pill of immortality
Description : Four chivalrous young ladies become friends and name each other sisters. Famous Taiwanese TV host Jacky Wu portrays a wacky man who runs his own business to escort valuables for clients. Commissioned by the emperor to look for the pill of immortality, he leads the four young ladies and get involved in many adventures in which he, needless to say, messes everything up.
Actors : Jacky Wu, Annie Wu, Mok Siu Chung
Total Episodes : 0
Code : Four Chivalrous beauties – Night Pearl
Description : Sequel to Four chivalrous beauties – Pill of immortality, Jacky Wu was assigned another commission by the emperor to carry a precious pearl. Again, he leads the four beautiful ladies and bumped into many troubles and traps. How will this sloppy fighter tide through all these happenings?
Actors : Jacky Wu, Annie Wu, Mok Siu Chung
Total Episodes : 0
Code : Love Idiot
Description : Pong and his lover musical teacher Lin broke up due to some misunderstanding. Ten years later they met each other in a music competition… Modern Romance Comedy.
Actors : Jacky Wu, Lin Li Wen, Choi Tao
Total Episodes : 0
Code : Miss Devil
Description : The daughter of a Taiwan Trail Society God father decided to be a high school teacher helping a group of devil students.
Actors :
Total Episodes : 0
Code : The Gangsters Clinic
Description : All the injured “White Dragon Gang” members are required to attend the Black Road Clinic for treatment. Little Ai is a very careless nurse. The patient receiving treatment got even more seriously injured than before. The gang members get really scared of Ai and she is so ignorant of what is happening in the clinic…
Actors :
Total Episodes : 0
Code : Mischief Summer Camp
Description : It is a comedy good for the whole family to watch together. It is with a lot of children actors, beautiful actor Enya, funny actor Jacky Wu. The film was about some kidnapped naughty children fooled the stupid criminals.
Actors : Jacky Wu, Lin Li Wen, An Ah
Total Episodes : 0

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